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Our mission is to create sustainable wealth by investing in high potential businesses across the world while adopting industry best practice.

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Our Business


Across Africa, there is a desperate need for power. To combat this issue, countries across the continent are partnering with Independent Power Producers (IPP) to produce power to make up for energy shortfall. At ASHFAR, we have made it our goal to be at the forefront of generating electricity using renewable sources. We are investing in technologies that make renewable energy more affordable and accessible. We have set high targets to maximize the use of abundant sunlight by deploying the latest in solar power generation technology. We also emphasize the use of advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) that facilitate a 24-hour cycle in solar power generation.

To enhance our sustainability drive across the power value chain, we also work with utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

We build high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage power substations and we enlist Original Equipment Manufacturers such as ABB, SIEMENS, and Emerson for our procurement needs.


We do both carrier and merchant haulage. We have a fleet of vehicles to cater to most haulage services you may require for your logistics. We transport the cargo from the port to your door anywhere in the region. Safety, security, and speed of delivery of cargo is the hallmark of our customer service.


Our construction services are civil works, roads, residential development, industrial works, and infrastructure projects.

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas sector, our major activity is in the area of bulk trading of petroleum products across West, Central, East, and Southern Africa. Our product portfolio cuts across product lines such as Automotive Gas Oil (AGO, also known as Diesel), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK, also known as JetA1), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS, also known as Gasoline), Household Kerosene (HHK), Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO), High Pour Fuel Oil (HPFO) and Bitumen.

As part of our growth strategy, we have established strong partnerships which grant us market access, funding, and a reliable supply of petroleum products. We also make continuous efforts to secure access to reliable logistics, thereby ensuring smooth delivery operations across the African continent. We are rigorous in our quality control and ensure that the highest safety standards are applied at each point in time.